The Challenge

In social media, there are two challenges.

Acquiring new followers and keeping them

The problem is that your followers are a number of things to your business

1.Your customers

When you have Active customers it’s natural that you’d want them to follow you in whichever social media you use. It is also great when they endorse you for the work you do.

2.Your prospective followers

When someone follows you they do so because they liked a post, are interested in Your product or service or have entered a competition.

At this point, they don’t have any loyalty to you or your brand.

Keeping them and maximising your opportunity with them should be your main aim.

3.Your salespeople

What is the point of having good relationships if your followers won’t be your salespeople?
They won’t be if you don’t treat them right.

It’s all about relationships

Social media was designed for people to grow relationships and not to sell. This is the main problem businesses make. They see thousands of people in social media who could be their customers and immediately want to sell to them.

My advice to you is to STOP and follow these tips to enhance your social media presence

Don’t sell sell sell

If you only publish sales posts to your followers they will get tired of you very quickly and unfollow you as soon as they do.

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Don’t run too many competitions

Competitions can be great but if you do too many of them you will become the competition connection and not known for your knowledge. Ask yourself if you want to be the freebie company or the value/quality company?

Get To know your followers

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do they like to read?
  • What do your customers do when not using social media?
  • Become their knowledgeable news feed?
  • Engage with them when they comment and like your posts

If you struggle to get good content to share there are some great tools available that will bring the right news to you.

Keeping your followers is the key to raising your profile in social and growing your network.
Make sure you treat your followers like customers even if they haven’t bought from you yet.

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