When I talk with business owners about digital marketing they understand

  • How they need to reach their target audience
  • They need to engage with their followers
  • They need to drive more traffic to their website
  • And that they need to encourage a call to action when people arrive

They might not know however how to implement these strategies or In which order they might need to happen

Understanding your goals

It is important to realise that without knowing where you want your business to go you won’t be able to plan.

In order to invest anything into marketing, you need to understand what makes up Return on your Investment. Do do this:

  • Firstly set out your target Goal
  • Look at your sales and as yourself what is your average sale value?
  • Look at your costs, and ask yourself what is your average job/service cost?
  • Your margins – Calculate you margin per job average

Once you have this you will be able to calculate based on your marketing spend, the number of jobs you need to secure to create zero-cost marketing each month.

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The two-pronged approach

From my discussions with businesses who are starting out with digital marketing they want two things

  • To grow their audience
  • And to make sales

In answer to these two points, I suggest:

  • Ppc
  • and social media management

The s!ow burn

Social Media management

Allows businesses to develop long-lasting relationships with their audience
It raises their business profile
It encourages recommendations from your followers as they begin to trust you and your business

The quick win

Pay per click advertising

Doesn’t rely on relationships however it does rely on recommendations when they arrive at your site.
Instead of seeking out followers PPC appears in front of people looking for your product or service
It encourages people to click to your website or to call you directly.
When they do arrive at your site you then have the opportunity to sell to them or to start a relationship using a call to action method

Any company wanting to both develop and grow relationships whilst driving traffic and sales should think about using the two-pronged approach

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